The Boning Knife

I’ve always had the boning knife from one of my kitchen knife sets tucked away in my kitchen drawer but I didn’t really know how to use it. Recently, I found out that I’ve had the wrong type of boning knife to debone a fish. No wonder I spent a long time to debone my fish and the results were usually dissatisfying which is why I gave up on using it.


Stiff vs Flexible

A stiff boning knife is used if you want thicker cuts. However, a flexible boning knife is the right tool to debone a fish since it has much more control. It can also be used to remove bones from poultry.


The Blade

There are also two different blade design. By using a curved blade, it’ll be easier to debone a fish compared to the straight blade. The material of the blade also plays a part. The go-to blades would be the stainless steel or the cold steel blades but most blades are strong enough to give great results.

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