My experience with the wusthof ikon 7″santoku knife

I love cooking. I not only do cooking for a living but also as a lifetime hobby. My kitchen is undoubtedly the most taken care of part of my house. As a kitchen lover, I am aware that a knife is one of the most important tool of work. I therefore ensure I have the best, if not the very best for the ultimate cutting and chopping experience.
Of all the knives I have used, the Wusthof kitchen knives; has been my favorite. With its state of the art handle design, this knife ensures comfort, easy control and above all, high aesthetic quality to give my kitchen a desirable modern look. I love convenience while cooking, and therefore, I hate knives that I have to keep on sharpening.

The main reason I love this knife is due to the fact that its edges are expertly honed by hand, making them unbelievably sharp. Interestingly, I can use it several times before re-sharpening and it still gives me the most desirable results!

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In terms of service, the Wusthof ikon 7″ Santoku has been one of my best kitchen servant. It is Laser tested which ensures it is long lasting and is easily re-sharpened. What else could you be looking on a kitchen knife?
My experience with most stainless steel knives has been disappointing. However, this one has been extremely amazing. With Chromium and Molybdenum on it, its stain resistant properties can never be under-rated.
Many knives has clogged today’s market. However, getting the best will automatically give you the best experience.

I highly recommend what I can call “The German made Kitchen Giant knife”, The Wusthof ikon 7″ Santoku. Its a knife worth an investment.

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