My personal choice of cookware set

Between many top rated cookware sets I find that Tramontina 12-pieces set is the best that can be found. It is perfect set for any cooking use. All pieces are dishwasher safe and they are very easy to clean. The set is so beautiful that you fall in love in it by just watching it. But when you start to use it there happens the real magic. There are 12” and 10” frying pan that you may find the best out of all, you can’t stop numbering of use for them.

Flat bottom is perfect for frying everything from bacon to any exotic food. Souce pan and saute pan comes with the lid and that is great because many other don’t and lid is very important. There is Dutch oven also with the lid that is oven safe to even 500 degrees Fahrenheit. In set you will find stock pot with lid and I find it best to cook all kind of soups, just mix up all your favorite things. Set is made from stainless steel construction and it has riveted, ergonomic handles.

Lids are also made form stainless steel and that is just great. If you like cooking and you do it every day this cooking set will help you enjoy it every minute. From start this cooking set is perfect, you get good feeling from moment you start using it. It is great for new people who want to learn to cook, you should start whit something this good, that way you will make less mistakes and more enjoy in cooking. When I make some food usually I bring it to a table in pan I cook, when I bring out this pan that is so beautiful, food in it looks even better and everyone expect for it to be best taste. The little secret is, when you cook in this the food is that good, sometimes even better then expectation.

Best Japanese Chef Knife

Some of you may not know but a Santoku knife is a combination of a cleaver and a chef knife. When I purchase this Japanese Chef knife, I went to the store with the intention purchasing a small knife. ‘Small’ being the keyword.

However, the look of Victorinox Santoku Knife and the bombastic words which was Fibrox as well as Granton Edge captured my attention so I thought why not just buy it. It was also cheaper than other Santoku knives that were on the shelf.

Smooth Slicing Knife-work

Trust me, I was shocked by how smoothly it slices through vegetables and meat. I feel that this knife helps me mince, dice and slice better than my other chef knives. It is also very light so if you like light knives, this should be perfect for you.

My Wrists Love It

Last week, I even managed to cut through a sack of potatoes without suffering much tension at the wrist. With my experience and also the reviews online, I assure you that you won’t regret purchasing The Victorinox 7-Inch Fibrox Granton Edge Santoku Knife.

A Pretty and Powerful Knife Set

When I start searching for something new, I always look for reviews of the product online. This is exactly what I did when I deciding between a few kitchen knife sets. I was looking for something sharp and easy to work with as my family love their fish, poultry and bread. It’s easy to say that I also got bored with the wooden knife block I had.


I was actually attracted to the look of the rectangular tempered glass block knife set. The knife set I’m talking about is the Mercer Culinary Renaissance 6-Piece Forged Knife Block Set (Tempered Glass Block). After going through many impressive reviews from the users, I purchased this set. Now, all of these knives were extremely sharp out of the box.


These knives come with a taper-ground blade which is why I think my cutting speed has increased over the year. With the boning knife, I can now happily deboned my poultry and fish daily. The bread knife is also a blessing as my sandwiches are much more prettier than before. I have never thought I would find a knife that easily slices through a loaf of bread.

The Perfect Blade

If you’re wondering about the balance and weight of the knife, it is perfect. The handle is also comfortable to hold and even when my husband accidentally bumped into me, the knife did not slip out of my hand. Also, do not worry about rusting or discolouration. The blades are made out of a high-carbon no stain German Steel. I usually dry them after washing. In my honest opinion, the rest of the knives I got with this set is a bonus to my knife collection.

Until now, I still get compliments about how classy these knives look on my kitchen counter. I really recommend adding this knife set to your kitchen. Now, I’m much happier in the kitchen than before.

Wow! Loving These Knives From Wusthof

I have used many kitchen knives over the years, some claiming to resist external beatings, while others claiming to be able to cut through stone! But in a Kitchen we don’t need any of those traits, isn’t it? Anyways usually such claims aren’t based on substance and are just a marketing gimmick.

Having said that it is hard to figure out which knife/knives are attuned to your needs. Don’t worry I am there to help you guys! Bringing you a hands on review of the newest entrants in the market. Today, we talk about my favourite Wusthof knives which is the Wusthof Ikon 9 Piece Block Set, and if it’s worth the hype the product has created in the market.

Design & Feel

Fun fact, it comes from a German manufacturer. And as you must have already known, the Germans are hell bent on creating marvels of engineering. The Wusthof Ikon does hold true to such an endeavor. It is neatly fabricated, and feels good to hold, with a sturdy grip backing it.

What does it hold?

This knife block is truly all in one, in the right sense of the word! Have you ever wanted a knife set that could take care of all your cutting needs? This may be what you would have been looking for. It comes with a cook’s knife, paring knife, utility knife, santoku ( slicing & dicing ), bread knife, hollow edge carving knife, kitchen shears, sharpening steel and the good old knife block.

Is it worth the hype?

Well, coming from a reputable company like Wusthof ( they created their first knife set in 1814! ) it is bound to have high expectations. Do you remember those times when your knife would get stuck in the meat? And would make you feel like a strongman, just to take it out. This isn’t the case with this knife, the cutting is smooth, requires the least strength, and creates marvelous lines.

My New Wusthof Ikon 9 Piece Block Set isn’t giving me any hard time, that is something that could be proudly proclaimed!

Crazily Curious About The Japanese Chef Knife

If you are like most people, then you probably think of knives as just another kitchen utensil and that they are all one in the same. They all do look sort of alike, after all. But they are completely different. Well that’s what I thought until my friend who is currently studying the culinary arts at his university decided to tell me about the different types of knives that chef’s use and their history. It seemed boring at first; I mean let’s face it, nobody cares about the history of knives.

That is until he begun to tell me about the Japanese chef knife. I had no idea the Japanese made chef knives Since I’ve been to Japan once before I was pretty interested.

Incredible Japanese Knives

One the best knives out there is the Japanese chef knife, also known as the gyuto, and it has many different edges in comparison to the knives made in the west. The Japanese also went a step further and made their knife out of a harder steel which makes it more innovative than those manufactured in the western hemisphere.

What To Look Out For

When choosing a chef knife be it Japanese chef knife or regular Western chef knife one needs to take some key points into consideration. The handle and the blade make a big difference in knives in general, and these are no different.

1. Sharp edge or Blades – the blades can be made of a number of materials, mostly carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium, ceramic or laminated.

2. The Handle — these can be made out of wood, plastic, rubber, micarta, leather and stainless steel. The handle material and shape will definitely affect how easy a knife is to use. Case in point; if you have a wooden knife handle you will find that it is easy to hold but not easily maintained, plus over time it may break.

Japanese Knives As Gifts

Well this lesson on knives has enlightened me to the fact that to a chef a knife isn’t just a knife. That they are produced in different countries and that the West has now taken an interest in Japanese chef knives. So for that cooking guru in your family this could very be a perfect gift for them.

German Knives

When I was kid I’d go to my dad’s restaurant and stare in awe as the chefs did their magic. I guess this was one of the key motivating factors that made me train as a part-time chef. Fast forward to 2017 and here I was trying to figure out which knives would be best suited for the slicing, dicing and cutting. For some reason, I fell in love with German knives.

Nothing But The Best Kitchen Knives

Ask any chef (where they are a budding one or a pro) and they’d tell you that nothing beats a good kitchennknife. For me, I would recommend the German kitchen knife. Why? Well, these brands have raised the standards of the modern kitchen knife. For a start, they are easier to sharpen, feature a classic allure with riveted handles plus the fact that the blades are made of stainless steel makes them a darling.

Resistant and Resilient

As anybody would do, I was skeptical of the reviews I read about German Kitchen knives then slowly I started to soften my stance. German steel is what sets the blades apart from other knives. The blades are made of 80% iron with the rest being carbon and a combination of molybdenum, chromium and vanadium. These elements fight off corrosion and rust keeping the knives sharp for longer.

My Final Knife Pick

Of the many brands available, I loved the Henckel’s Twin Four Star 7-Pc Knife Set. This collection features a set of 7 blades made with state of the art technology. They are dishwasher safe which implies that you can easily clean them without worrying about possible blunting. The design is ergonomic and comfortable to hold. Of course, you can check out other German brands. The idea here is to get a blade that you can confortablybuse. While you are at it, excuse me. Am off to the kitchen to chop some meat.

My experience with the wusthof ikon 7″santoku knife

I love cooking. I not only do cooking for a living but also as a lifetime hobby. My kitchen is undoubtedly the most taken care of part of my house. As a kitchen lover, I am aware that a knife is one of the most important tool of work. I therefore ensure I have the best, if not the very best for the ultimate cutting and chopping experience.
Of all the knives I have used, the Wusthof kitchen knives; has been my favorite. With its state of the art handle design, this knife ensures comfort, easy control and above all, high aesthetic quality to give my kitchen a desirable modern look. I love convenience while cooking, and therefore, I hate knives that I have to keep on sharpening.

The main reason I love this knife is due to the fact that its edges are expertly honed by hand, making them unbelievably sharp. Interestingly, I can use it several times before re-sharpening and it still gives me the most desirable results!

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In terms of service, the Wusthof ikon 7″ Santoku has been one of my best kitchen servant. It is Laser tested which ensures it is long lasting and is easily re-sharpened. What else could you be looking on a kitchen knife?
My experience with most stainless steel knives has been disappointing. However, this one has been extremely amazing. With Chromium and Molybdenum on it, its stain resistant properties can never be under-rated.
Many knives has clogged today’s market. However, getting the best will automatically give you the best experience.

I highly recommend what I can call “The German made Kitchen Giant knife”, The Wusthof ikon 7″ Santoku. Its a knife worth an investment.

Experience with the wusthof ikon 8″ cook knife

My cooking involves a lot of mincing, slicing, and dicing of various foods. When I first used this Wusthof knife set, I wanted to slice bacon so as to use it in my family’s meals, and I must say that I was not disappointed. I found it much easier to use than the many other knives that I had tried before.

One thing that I liked most is the blade. I noticed that I do not have to keep sharpening it each time I want to chop something. Apart from that, I liked the triple-riveted black handle. It has a contoured design that makes easy to handle. The handle ensures that there is a secure grip, and it is what makes the knife a wonder in the kitchen. This is by far the most versatile knife that I have had in my kitchen. I would recommend this knife to anyone who does like the ones that they currently own.

The Budget Bread Knife

You would not guess the amount I spent on searching for a perfect yet cheap bread knife. Since my family loves bread and I started making them at home more often now, I really needed to invest in a bread knife. Most of you may think that all bread knives are the same but they aren’t. Trust me I’ve seen a tonnes of kitchen knife sets with terrible bread knives.

Serrated and Scallop Edge

The serrated or scalloped blade edge makes it easier to cut through tough or soft loaves of bread. You can even find yourself saving time in the kitchen. Did you know that you can cut through food that are hard on the outside and soft on the inside with this knife? For example, tomatoes and melons.
For the scalloped blade, avoid the knives that have widely spaced teeth and have thick, rough teeth. Make sure that you purchase a solid knife. If you don’t, it will be hard to cut through tough loaves of bread. You should also look for a bread knife that is at least 10 inches long.

The Boning Knife

The Boning Knife

I’ve always had the boning knife from one of my kitchen knife sets tucked away in my kitchen drawer but I didn’t really know how to use it. Recently, I found out that I’ve had the wrong type of boning knife to debone a fish. No wonder I spent a long time to debone my fish and the results were usually dissatisfying which is why I gave up on using it.


Stiff vs Flexible

A stiff boning knife is used if you want thicker cuts. However, a flexible boning knife is the right tool to debone a fish since it has much more control. It can also be used to remove bones from poultry.


The Blade

There are also two different blade design. By using a curved blade, it’ll be easier to debone a fish compared to the straight blade. The material of the blade also plays a part. The go-to blades would be the stainless steel or the cold steel blades but most blades are strong enough to give great results.

Piedmont Cuisine Regional Dishes

By Valerie Quintanilla

The joke amongst the locals about Piedmont cuisine is “you don’t eat anywhere better in the world, but you always eat the same thing.” And, it’s pretty accurate. Menus rarely deviate from the traditional antipasti, primi, and secondi fare rooted in the many facets of the region’s history and culture.

Piedmont cuisine is rich and savory, matching its powerful, tannin-heavy Nebbiolo wines. In addition to its famed Barolo, Barbaresco, and Barbera wines, the region is also home to world renowned beef, the Slow Food movement and the famous Alba white truffle, Tartufo Bianco d’Alba.

Piedmont Cuisine: 7 Regional Dishes


1. Bagna Cauda

Bagna Cauda is a staple of the region. Once upon a time this romantic delicacy kicked off Piemontese meals. The olive oil-based anchovy and garlic fondue is served over an open flame to keep it warm throughout the meal. In Piemontese bagna cauda means “hot bath”.

Traditionally the dish took center stage on the table, flanked by food and wine. According to Piedmont’s Wine Pass Italy, harvest workers ate heartily from the terra-cotta bowls by dipping roughly cut veggies in the smooth sauce. Its richness and the array of seasonal vegetables for dipping make it a popular autumn to winter dish. Locals like to enjoy it with the tannic Dolcetto or an acidic and fruity Barbera.

Celebrate Bagna Cauda

If you really want to experience Bagna Cauda, plan a trip to the region in November for the three day event that celebrates it. For details on Bagna Cauda Day visit

2. Carne Cruda

A lot of westerners wrinkle their nose at the idea of carne cruda. It’s not that difficult to see why. It’s means raw meat, which is exactly what you get. In many parts of the world raw meat is a no-no due to the quality of uncooked beef. But, that is not the case with carne cruda in Piedmont.

The local cattle, called “Razza bovine piemontese” is known for its high standard of breeding as well as its low cholesterol content. In the 1870s the cattle started showing a unique “double muscling” characteristic that resulted in beef with extra muscle mass and very little fat. Despite the lack of fatty marbling this lean beef remains tender and juicy.

Carne cruda is served either thinly sliced as a beef carpaccio or ground, mixed with olive oil, fresh garlic, lemon juice, and salt and pepper. Black or white truffle shavings make it an extra special treat. The popular dish is served as an antipasto, the course before primo and after aperitivo. Enjoy it with Dolcetto or Barbera.


3. Tajarin

Every region of Italy has its own type of pasta. In Piedmont one of the most traditional is tajarin, a long, thin ribbon-like pasta that is similar to tagliatelle. Tajarin is a golden yellow color from the rich farmhouse eggs that resemble an orange hue. An early recipe is said to require 30 egg yolks and over two pounds (just under a kilo) of flour.

The pasta is cut into 1/8 to 1/4-inches wide strands. It is traditionally served with a tomato- and meat-based ragu or with a butter and sage mixture – a classic of Piedmont cuisine. During the late autumn and winter the butter and sage version is perfect with fresh Alba white truffle shavings. 

The Alba White Truffle

The Alba white truffle is a subterranean fungus, famously found in the Piedmont countryside around Asti and Alba. These fungi fruit in autumn and show best in colder winter months. These woodland delicacies have pungent aromas and strong, earthy tastes. They are shaved over pasta, fried eggs, risotto, burgers, pizza, and more. White truffles reach up to $3,600 a pound. To-date the most expensive white truffle weighed in at 2 lbs and sold for $330,000 at an auction.

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